I want a Subversion repository!

I needed a Subversion repository for my tests with Data Modeler. I want it to be on my laptop because I might not have internet connection to the real Subversion repository and this will be my sandbox anyway. Nothing fancy but a real version control. I do not feel like installing and configuring and finding out that the version of the product is too old/too new etc. You know what I mean, don’t you?

Ok, this is how to do the whole thing easily without any gray hair. I created a Subversion repository with SQL Developer. Just go to “Team” menu, “Subversion” and “Create Local Repository”. Follow the instructions and there you are: a brand new Subversion repository. Tip: create the folder for your repository before creating the repository, since the tool will not create it for you.

But I wanted to use it with Data Modeler and I use the standalone product. How does this help me? I am now in SQL Developer and have a repository but what next? Go to Versions Browser in SQL Developer, right-click and select “Export Connections…”. While the SQL Developer created my repository it also created the connection for it and I can use it also with Data Modeler. Just select the location for your connection file and press OK. Then close SQL Developer and open Data Modeler. Go to Versions Browser (if you cannot see it go to the Team menu and select Versions), right-click and select “Import Connections…”. Select the file you just saved and that’s it.

Now you have a Subversion repository and a connection from Data Modeler to that.

Bonus: You might want to create branch, tag and trunk in your directory. Just go to the Versions Browser again. Select your new repository, right-click and select “New Remote Directory…”. Then type “branch” for the “Directory Name” and press ok. That’s it. Do the same for tag and trunk and you are all set for version control and data modeling. Enjoy!


I am in London waiting for my flight home.

This was my first Kscope as an attendee and as a speaker. I loved every minute of the conference! It did not start very well, probably because June was really busy for me. First of all I did not book the hotel in time and could not get a room from Sheraton. Well, I did get a room from Westin and that hotel was really nice. Secondly I forgot to book the flights and did it at the last minute (and I payed for my mistake quite dearly) by a help of a travelling agent that found me from Twitter. Isn’t that cool! Well, unfortunately that was not all… Next I realized I had not registered for the conference and the registration was closed already. Thanks to Lauren who seems to understand us speakers better that we do ourselves handled everything and there was no issue at all. I could have stopped here and try to be smart but no… Two hours before my session I went to check the conference app to see that I have the right version of my presentation there…no…it was not the right version, in matter of the fact it was a completely wrong presentation. Yep. I did upload the right one but updated it with the wrong one just before I left Finland. Well, I uploaded the right one and one more time checked that my slides on my laptop were the right slides. Now I was getting nervous: what will happen next? Mr Murphy was obviously very fond of me.

I was a panelist on WIT panel hosted by Kellyn Pot’vin. I think this panel was really good. We had a huge audience, both women and men, and they really were interested in the topic. A lot of interaction!

I had my session, 9 Use Cases for Data Modeler, right after the panel. I was quite nervous, which I am usually not. But when I started to present and my audience was just fantastic I was not nervous at all: I enjoyed. I had a great audience! Thank you! You really inspire me!

The content of the conference was very high and everything was so fluent. I will need to ask ODTUG board for some advice on getting sponsors and more attendees. I do not think many user groups today can say they have more attendees every year and sponsors signing already for next year. Well done!

It is always important to have good content and plenty of good food in conferences but still I think the best is to meet friends and make some new ones. I was so happy to see many of my friends and finally to meet some of my ‘virtual friends’. I attended several sessions and learnt a lot. I gave a couple of interviews on WIT and on ACE program. I met my publisher and my tech editors. I had a great dinner sponsored by the ACE program (thank you, Vikki!) and I even drunk some beer (luckily Jeff Smith came to help me out, I was quite desperate:-), I do not drink beer and I do not like it). And I was so glad to see Mike Riley and I wish all the best to him and his family.

Thank you ODTUG for having me as a speaker and letting me to attend and experience this amazing conference! And thank you for the great party! Cannot wait Kscope15 and Florida!

What I do not get is why do they say it always rains in Seattle?

BGOUG conference is over

Done with the BGOUG conference. The content was amazing with several international and exceptionally big number of local speakers (fantastic!). And the organization was as excellent as always when my friend Milena Gerova has something to do with it. Thank you! Absolutely great conference!

This evening was one of the hightlights of my journey on user groups. We had several nations sitting in the same table (Bulgaria, Serbia, Poland, Belgium, Romania, Finland, …) and sharing their visions on European history and different cultures. I can tell you that none of this was taught to me when I was in school! So today I really learnt that history the way it is written and taught might not be the real truth. User group events are not just learning about Oracle but also learning about your own history and different cultures. I enjoyed this evening very much and I want to thank Milena and her team and those people who educated me this evening. I am sure I learnt very much. And I did make many new and good friends today.

And BTW I believe my sessions went well. At least they were well attended and I was told by many that they enjoyed and learnt. I am very happy about it. Thank you for letting me speak! I love my job!

Now it’s time to pack. I am travelling home tomorrow morning. Good night!

Dancing the night away…

In Bulgaria at the BGOUG conference. Great day by the way but the evening is super: dancing! After the dinner everybody just starts dancing. I love it. Unfortunately I had to leave in the middle because I decided this morning to change my presentation for tomorrow totally so finishing my brand new presentation now… fun;)

Note to myself: next time remember to practice Bulgarian dances beforehand using the dvd Milena gave long time ago.

Have I ever mentioned that BGOUG is just great?


BGOUG about to start

Here I am in a beautiful town of Sandanski in Bulgaria. I am supposed to prepare (finalize, what ever) my new presentation for the conference but I am so full after the delicious speakers’ dinner that I probably must leave it for tomorrow. This place is just amazing and I already feel how my body and soul like this free air and good climate. This place if famous for its mineral water fountains and health therapy. When I fly back home on Sunday I will not just be smarter but also healthier!

Tomorrow it all starts and I know Milena has done such a great job again. Stay tuned.


OUGF Harmony 2014, #OUGF14

I am Finnish and this is the end (Björn Rost).

The OUGF Harmony 2014 has ended. Sad:( It was such a fun event. I already miss all our great speakers and attendees….

We started on Wednesday with a legendary sightseeing tour by yours truly. My husband could not stop laughing: you do not remember anything and you always get lost, how can YOU run a tour! But I did and I am sure most of the attendees (if not all) will remember this tour for a long time. We started with lunch at Hietalahden Kauppahalli (market hall), saw one mandatory church (Temppeliaukio), several interesting buildings (including National Museum, Parliament House, Finlandia House (“do they make vodka there?”), Kiasma etc) and we stopped very many times for beer (it was a hot day!). I ordered some swans on the Töölönlahti bay and some smaller birds to the water at Kiasma to entertain our guests:) We even experienced the interesting echo at Fazer cafe (my kids love it!). And finally we ended up to the speakers’ dinner in a Viking restaurant Harald. There was plenty of food and plenty of drinks….and plenty of VIKINGS….







The conference officially started on Thursday morning. The busses were waiting for speakers and attendees in the centre of Helsinki to drive them to the Finnish forest. The conference venue is called Haltia in a middle of a nature park of Nuuksio.

The content of the conference was amazing! We had THE C.J. Date explaining temporal data…


And so many other excellent speakers. The audience was really listening…


The speaker of the first day was voted to be James Morle with his excellent keynote presentation. I am very sorry if you missed it:( Second and third place were Tom Kyte and Kent Graziano with several excellent presentations. On the second day speaker of the day was awarded to Graham Wood, second position to Kent Graziano and third place was shared with many of the speakers (it was too difficult to nominate just one).

We had RACAttack…


The first ever SE HA roundtable…

Oaktable World…

DW/BI roundtable with Dan Linstedt…

6 streams, 3 tents…

For two days…

We even needed to ask the trees to help us to guide people to right places…


The venue was beautiful and the weather was sunny and hot. Some of the speakers and attendees decided to have sauna and swim to cool down…


The dinner was served outside and we had a pleasure to enjoy the music by Oracle band.



After the dinner and sauna the busses took people to Helsinki and some brave speakers stayed in the forest to camp with mosquitos…



Just to shock you maybe a little bit more, these pictures have been taken around midnight.

After a looong and good sleep, some very brave men took a swim in a cold lake…



During the conference people had two things to do: learn and make friends. In the end of the conference I asked if they did what I told them to do and YES: 100% of attendees learned new things and made new friends during the conference. SUCCESS!



The conferences was ended with these words (inspired by Björn Rost): I am Finnish and this is the end. And with this picture:


..Thank you and goodbye! See you next year again!


OUGF Harmony is just around the corner…

We are almost ready for the OUGF Harmony…

Tomorrow it all starts with a lunch and some sightseeing with some of our speakers and then a dinner with all the speakers. The dinner will be served in a viking restaurant. There might be interesting pictures in Twitter tomorrow…

The OUGF Harmony will be a very special conference in a middle of a Finnish forest. First of all the speakers will be top quality (what else!) and the content will be extremely interesting (yep, yep, I have heard this before…nothing special…). There will be six tracks plus three more in tents (What!). Secondly there will be the Oaktable World, RACAttack (special sauna edition! Have you ever installed RAC in a sauna? This is your chance…), world premier on SE HA (with special, numbered t-shirts!), among others. Thirdly the speakers will spend the night in a tent in the middle of the forest (I just hope they do not like it too much and stay there forever:)).

And of course I do not need to mention that the dinner will be served outside by an open fire and by a beautiful Finnish lake. And attendees may take a sauna and a swim on the lake either before or during the dinner. And there is one more surprise nobody knows yet. Do not tell anybody… We will have THE Oracle band playing live music during and after the dinner…

Oh BTW did I say that THE C.J.Date will be there and explain temporal data? I cannot wait!!! He is definitely one of my personal favourites…and he travels all the way from California just to be here for us!

This will be a conference one of a kind. I am very sorry if you will miss it:( But do follow Twitter to see what is going on (#OUGF14).

Now we just hope for a good weather. Fingers crossed!


Sharing tables

Did you know that Data Modeler allows you to share tables from another design? And updates them automatically?


If you did not know here’s a short note about it.

Open both designs in Data Modeler.

Open the relational diagram where you want to bring the table from the other design. Select the table from Browser and drag-and-drop it to the relational diagram. And here it is.

If you want it to be updated automatically (if somebody adds new columns etc on the original design) go to Tools, Preferences and select Data Modeler, Model, Relational. Enable Synchronize Remote Objects When Model Is Loaded.

If you prefer to update manually right-clicking the relational model in Browser and select Synchronize Remote Objects.


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