#DOAG2015 and #BGOUG

It’s time to pack again, the last time this year. Early on Monday morning I will fly to Germany to start my week-long tour in Germany and Bulgaria.

On Monday we will have an EOUC (EMEA Oracle Users Group Community) leaders’ meeting in Germany. I look forward seeing all the leaders of the user groups in EMEA, it will be a good meeting. In three hours I will have the final call with the organizing team and we will finalize the agenda based on the ideas about the content the leaders have told us.

Then on Tuesday the DOAG2015 starts! I will have two presentations about Data Modeler to present. This year I am not in that big and scary room :-) I hope to see you in my sessions!

On Thursday I will fly to Sofia, Bulgaria to present at BGOUG. I also have two presentations there. Milena (the president of BGOUG) informed us that there will be 370 registered attendees! That is an impressive number! Congrats Milena and BGOUG! Good job!

And on Sunday I will fly home.

It will be an interesting and wonderful week. See you all soon!


An Official Mentor

I have been mentoring younger people on IT (or who ever has wanted me to mentor him/her :-) ) occasionally and unofficially for many years and I have been teaching anybody who is interested :-) But now I do have an official Mentor status!

My University (Helsinki University) has just nominated the first two mentors in the whole history of the department of Computer Science and guess what…I am one of them! This is a real honor! I am a bit surprised how excited I am about it. I will meet my students in less than two weeks and then it all starts…

Life is good,


Early Morning

This morning I woke up at 4 am to be able to finish “everything” before leaving for a super interesting training day:  The Logical Data Warehouse – Design, Architecture, and Technology by Rick van der Lans.

Last night I gave a webinar for the wonderful ODTUG people. It was about New Features of Data Modeler. I have always said NO when people have asked me to do a webinar. “No, I cannot talk to a camera, I need real people as an audience”, has always been my justification for saying no. But I must say that it was not actually bad at all. I definitely will never, ever listen to the recording (I would only find plenty of mistakes and my voice is terrible etc) but I must say it was not bad at all…I might be saying YES from now on…

I will be giving this same presentation at the DOAG conference in Germany next week and in Bulgaria at BGOUG in the end of next week. I just finished polishing my slides and updating my manuscripts for DOAG. On Monday I will fly to Germany. In Germany I will also talk about comparing functionalities in Data Modeler and in Bulgaria I will talk about how to manage changes in database structures.

Oh and I have found a new hobby: I answer questions on Oracle Community Platform. It’s actually very fun!

Now back to work so I will make it on time to the training…

Have a nice day!


Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 4.1.2

The best news on Friday Oct 23rd was that version 4.1.2 of Data Modeler came out! We were really waiting for this release because of some bugs on 4.1.1 that made our lives quite difficult. Thank you development team for fixing everything so quickly and releasing 4.1.2 so fast!

If you have not downloaded it yet, this is the place to do it:


Some bug fixes (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/datamodeler/downloads/data-modeler-bugsfixed-v412-2714842.html):

This list contains only a selection of higher priority bugs, customer bugs and issues raised by the community on the OTN Forum since the release of version 4.1.1.

21310122 Interactive DDL for automatically generated Indexes contains an invalid semi-colon
21436619 Different formatting causes Table Check Constraint to be marked as changed
21450718 Missing check constraint ddl (arc constraint) during merge
21471733 Save doesn’t remove deleted foreign keys
21627534 Grant flashback on an oracle table not supported
21617909 Domain can’t be locked without opening design
21487134 Not possible to populate the supertype table without having to populate subtypes
21805334 Journal trigger ddl refers to arbitrary “emp2” table instead of generated table
21417244 Table to view wizard to copy column comments in rdbms to view column
21935378 SVN – processing of outgoing changes is too slow
21935571 Unicode characters in domain definition are changed when save/reopen
21943476 Mandatory fields being reset to optional – model in single file mode

What has changed? Some things from the release notes (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/datamodeler/downloads/data-modeler-relnotes-v412-2714825.html):

  • “Mozila Rhino” script engine is not distributed with JVM any more. It’s replaced with “Oracle Nashorn” scripting engine. Engine need to be changed in existing scripts.
  • Predefined RDBMS sites are no longer distributed in file defaultRDBMSSites.xml and will be removed from existing versions of that file.
  • Added new logical data type String

    Changed mapping for Oracle 12c for following types:

    • Binary – from BLOB to RAW
    • Boolean – from CHAR to Number

Let the database design work continue!



#OOW15, The Fifth Day

Thursday, the day to fly home.

I started my day with a WIT breakfast and had a lot of fun during that. Next year we will most likely have a WIT lunch and maybe a bit more official one than this. Let’s see what Kellyn does…

Then I rushed to the panel where Connor, Tim Hall and a bunch of others were talking about SQL and PL/SQL and got complains from people not taking selfies with them :-D So plenty of selfies in the following 5 min :-D

Then it was time to pack and check out from the hotel.

1:15 pm I attended That Jeff Smith’s sessions where he gave away some copies of my book and I had my red pen ready for signatures…

Then a lunch with a customer, and a milkshake with my Oracle Dad, Tim Hall. Tim was kind enough to carry my extremely heavy bag to the limousine that the kind people of the ACE Program had organized to take me to the airport. Thank you! Very much appreciated! And thank you Lufthansa for ignoring the fact my bag was kind of heavy :-) Great Customer service at the SFO airport!

I slept both my flight from SFO to MUC and MUC to HEL, stayed up for a couple of hours and slept the whole night. Two naps during the day and now I feel I am quite OK again.  Great week! Thank you everybody and see you next year again!

#OOW15, The Fourth Day

Wednesday started with an EMEA breakfast at Fairmont hotel and an interview. Then very briefly to meet Jean-Pierre Dijcks (thank you JP!) and off to the meeting with Mark Hurd. It is not unusual I meet him (we usually have a brief meeting during the OOW) but what made this meeting special was that firstly I gave him a copy of my book and secondly he tweeted about our meeting. How cool is that!


I am an Ambassador for EOUC (EMEA Oracle Users Group Community) and in that role I have this wonderful chance to meet Mark Hurd. Thank you, Mary Lou Dopart, for organizing these meetings!


After all this excitement it was time for a lunch with our local Oracle and one of our customers. Then meeting Wendy Rinaldi from Oracle Press and the super talented and wonderful Mike Dietrich. Thank you, Mike, for your help and advice!

And the guess what…parties again :-) First my favorite party: The Bloggers’ meetup organized by Pythian and OTN. I do not go to the big party (I am too old and tired to go there) so after the Bloggers’ meetup it was time for a quiet dinner with Jens Walbjorn from Oracle Denmark. Thank you, Jens! It was a very nice dinner!

#OOW15, The Third Day

Tuesday. First thing in the morning was attending the Publisher Seminar. Once again strict NDAs and plenty of interesting content. The best though was to meet personally all the people from McGraw-Hill, Oracle Press team. I am working on my second book and I enjoy it very much. If you have not seen my first book yet, here it is: http://www.amazon.com/Oracle-Developer-Modeler-Database-Mastery/dp/0071850090.

Then it was time to meet the APEX team for lunch. Thank you! It was a very nice lunch and once again I learnt a lot!

If you are wondering what I did during breaks I have in these reports, I went to either the user group kiosk to meet people there or the OTN lounge to meet people there ;-) The best during the OOW is meeting people!

Speaking about that, it was again time for receptions and meeting more people. Next the ODTUG meetup and then the Author Appreciation Event organized by Oracle Press team. Thank you! I had fun and a lot of food :-)

#OOW15, The Second Day

The second day of OOW15 started with a Bay Swim organized by Chet, the Oraclenerd. Yes we did swim on the bay and yes, it was cold :-D



After the swim (and a warm shower) I went to the Oaktable World (OTW) to meet friends and to hear Kerry’s presentations about SQL Translations. And then it was time for a lunch with Maria Colgan. Thank you, Maria, it was so nice to see you and to have a chance to chat!

Everyday during the OOW was full of highlights. The highlight of Monday was the Devvy 2015 Awards. Devvy is the Oracle Database Developer Choice Award (https://community.oracle.com/community/database/awards) and was given this year the first time. And guess what: I won the Devvy on Database Design Category! Woo hoo! Thank you to everybody who voted and thank you for being active in the Oracle community! And thank you Oracle for having the Database Design Category as one of the categories! It is too often that database designers are forgotten. Thank you Steven, Laura and Todd! The database designing is important because of data quality and performance and the Oracle Community is all about sharing and caring. If you are not in the community yet, join now. Of course join the community.oracle.com but also find your local user group and join that too. User groups are the BEST!

After the awards it was time to head to receptions and parties: ODTUG, Friends of Pythian and Accenture…

#OOW15, The first day, The User Group Day

Oracle Open World (OOW) started on Sun 25th. I started it with the traditional Bridge Run organized by the Oracle SQL Developer team. It is an event I would recommend everybody to attend: there is no better way to start a morning than a walk/run on the Golden Gate Bridge when the morning is still a bit crispy and scenery is breathtaking. After the Bridge Run it was time for a shower and getting ready for my presentations.

First I was presenting at the More Than Another 12 on Oracle Database 12c [UGF3190] (http://debrasoracle.blogspot.fi/2015/09/oow2015-back-by-popular-demand-more.html) which was first introduced in OOW14 and thanks to the great feedback from the audience organized again this year. I was talking about how to design 12c Databases using Oracle SQL Developer Data  Modeler. Thank you Debra Lilley and Ralf Kölling for organizing this! It was great fun!

My second session was right after that with the title Managing the Changes in Database Structures [UGF6317]. Both the sessions were well attended and I want to take the oppontunity to once again thank you everybody who attended these sessions! EOUC rocks!

After the sessions it was time to run to the OTN booth for a group picture of Oracle ACEs. And then to the cloud…

There was a cloud built at the Buena Yerba Gardens. It was a ball pit made of white, plastic balls. We were invited to jump and swim in the “cloud”. My jump was shown live on Larry’s keynote :-D That was great FUN!

Now it was time to head for dinners. Sunday is usually the busiest because it is the day for the ACE dinner AND the Finnish dinner. But since I am fast and also a good eater, it is no problem for me to attend them both :-) Thank you! The food was good and plenty and I had fun.

The ACED Briefing

OTN and the ACE Program traditionally organizes a briefing for Oracle ACE Directors (ACED) just before the Oracle Open World (OOW). It is always under a very strict NDA and extremely interesting. This year it was held at the Oracle HQ on Oct 22-23.

I attended the briefing the second time. Last year I started the fan club for Thomas Kurian and the fan club is still on. He is extremely intelligent and I appreciate very much the fact he takes the time from his busy schedule to meet us just before the OOW, I am sure that is the busiest time for him. We heard a lot about different Oracle technologies from the best experts and of course we had time to talk to the other ACED as well. Great event and I cannot wait for next year!

Thank you Roland, Vikki and Jennifer for a great event! I am so happy and honored to be part of this wonderful group of Oracle experts!


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